Here is all you have to do:

  • Trade on our smart platform
  • Participate and be on our leaderboard in our trading competitions.
  • Demonstrate ability to generate 200 pips in one months trading.

Our platform generates trader diagnostics and analytics. So we can focus immediately on who is doing well, and who isn’t. Its easy to use and is real-time, with real prices.

Beginning traders are welcome! Our platform is simple to use.

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Get Paid

Of course, you want to know how you get paid.

Its simple. As a participant on the world trading team you will have the chance to get paid by performing well in the competitions and qualifying for serious consideration from our Money Management Sponsors.

An additional way of getting paid is by refering people to register and participate in our competitions. We are seeking competition leaders who will receive commissions for their referral activity.


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Win Prizes

The World Trading Team offers opportunities to win prizes based on your leaderboard ranking.


First is a prize for best trader in a selected currency and period of time.

This competition requires a registration fee. It can range from $10 to $1000 and the winner will receive a large percentage of the total Pot

Each competition requires a registration fee which will vary among different contests. The fee will range from $10 and up. The winner will receive cash or other prizes designated when the competition is announced. Receipt of prizes will require verification of identity.


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