Ethos and Approach

We are striving to revolutionize the way you achieve academic and professional success at trading.

We believe learning should be fun, engaging, informative, and tailored to your individual needs. We have spent many years developing the capability of automatically determining the areas in which you are strong, as well as the areas in which improvement is needed. We use proprietary, state of the art, advanced diagnostic tools to evaluate your trading and help you progress in your trading career. Coupled with our education partners, we have developed a methodology for learning that works, and changes not only the way you learn, but the outcome of your learning, as well.

We are committed to excellence through innovation.

Participating in our daily trading competitions is not only fun – it's educational and rewarding, as well! At WTT, we are committed to excellence through innovation. We innovate, you learn, play, and ultimately, everybody wins!

Your Success is Our Success.

It's also our number one priority! We are sharing our knowledge, experience, and passion for the markets with you, with the hope that, through our revolutionary methodology, we are fostering the success of future professional traders, and making the experience fun and rewarding along the way! To current and future success!