How It Works


The best way to evolve as a trader is to experience trading. That experience doesn’t have to be with a great amount of money. It in fact can be almost free. At the world trading team we provide the best environment for learning. It is to trade competitively.

We utilize state of the art, proprietary technology that provides Real-Time, advanced diagnostics, an industry first! This allows us to monitor, track, and analyze how you trade. This data is important, because it allows us to see how well you’re trading; identify your strengths, as well as the areas where there is room for improvement. All this will help to guide you towards the next steps in furthering your trading career.

You wouldn’t expect your doctor to prescribe a medication, without first knowing the ailment. Why would you trust someone to help you with your trading, if they don’t know what ails your trading?


Whether you are a brand new trader, or a seasoned veteran, we welcome you to learn via our revolutionary, gamified methodology! By participating in our contests, you are granting yourself the opportunity to not only win cash and other prizes, but to also improve your trading!

If you are consistently doing well, or have shown tremendous and consistent improvement, we notice! The World Trading Team is always looking for those special traders. If you put your mind and soul to it, there’s no telling how much potential there is for you and your career!

Getting Started

You’ve heard all about how the World Trading Team will enable you to help yourself, taking your trading career to the next level. We’re excited to have you join us. Let’s get you started!

Step One. Register with World Trading Team.

There are cash and other prizes that are available for your participation, so first thing’s first, we need to know who you are! Take a couple minutes and visit our registration page to begin.

Once you’re done, we’ll send you an email just to verify it’s you and to communicate some vital information to you, such as your WTT Demo Account details (You’ll need that for the competitions). Follow the link in that email and you’re all set! Congratulations, and welcome to the World Trading Team!

Step Two. Trading Platform

Now that you’ve established your profile with us, it’s time to have a look at our Trading Platform. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with its functions and features. We’re confident you’ll love it just as much as we do!

Step Three. Enter a Contest.

Now you’ve established your profile, you’ve opened your demo account and familiarized yourself with our trading platform, now it’s time to enter into a contest.

Contests are a fantastic way to get hands-on “real-world” experience while you learn – all with absolutely zero risk and nothing but potential reward!*

Be sure to pay attention to the type of contest you’re entering into:

You’ll also want to note the Start Date, Time and Duration of the contest you’re entering into:

Have a look at the Contest entry fee, labeled “Contest Fee:”

AS well as the Currency Pairs included in the competition:

And finally, the prize:

That’s It! You are now ready to not only begin competing for prizes, but to also enhance your learning, and take your trading career to the next level!