Who We Are

Welcome, to the World Trading Team – the place where you can come to learn, play, and win!

Here at WTT, we are traders ourselves – tried and tested in the Forex and other markets with a combined 27 years experience. We know these markets in and out. As such, we know how important it is to be properly educated. Over 90% of new traders fail for one simple reason – they don't get properly educated.

This is caused by a few different things.

First, a large number of new traders believe they can just jump right into the market and figure it out on the go. Don't fall for this myth!

Second, education can be quite pricey. Sure, there's a lot of free content on the internet, but let's face it – if you want real training, it can easily set you back quite a bit – money, by the way, which could be put towards trading!

Third, There are so many traders and organizations out there, claiming to be imparting real-world experience, but in reality, they're doing nothing more than lining their pockets – Don't trust companies that make the majority of their revenue off of YOU, not the market!

The fourth and final reason is this – no one in the industry has come this close to perfection in learning. Until Now.

We are a pioneering team, with the tools and partnerships to revolutionize the way traders learn financial markets.

At the core of our strategy is the fundamental belief that learning should be fun;

  • it should be engaging and informative;
  • it should be tailored to each traders' individual needs;
  • it should be affordable;
  • finally, it should be results-oriented and realistically driven.

We've developed an online, gamified, "one-stop-shop" for traders of differing abilities, to learn, play, and win – all without financial risk! Learning both from our education partners, as well as through our hands on real world approach, you have the opportunity to participate in competitions which not only yield cash and other prizes – more importantly, your participation allows our advanced diagnostic capabilities to help identify where you've done well, where you could improve, and provides recommendations on next steps for your trading career!

So, whether you are brand new to trading, or you're a seasoned veteran, join our World Trading Team today and take your trading career to the next level! See you inside!